Safe Kids Move Downed Power Lines

Safe Kids Move Downed Power Lines!
Did you know that downed power lines are very dangerous? It's true! Power lines can sometimes fall due to heavy snow storms, hurricanes, or poor craftsmanship.

As a safe kid, it's your job to give grownups a hand! Here's how:

  • First, locate the downed power line. If it's up a tree, get a ladder.
  • Make sure your hands are dry! Never touch electric cables when your hands are wet!
  • Next, see if there are any adults around. If they are, wait until they leave so they don't get scared and go nuts!
  • Finally, and this will be the last thing you do, grab the cable to see if there's still a current running through it. If there is, let go! If not, move the cable out of the way where plants and animals won't get hurt.
That's it! If you follow all of these rules, that makes you a real safe kid, and safe kids are cool kids!


Cyber Hippie Gypsies said...

LOL!!! How did I miss this one?

When we were in Peru people would try to steal the metals from the cable lines to sell. They would end up getting electrocuted and there wouldn't be power for a few days. People are weird and crazy...haha.

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