Spotlight: These Are a Few of My Favorite Things!

Hope everyone had a merry whatever you may celebrate. So We are officially in limbo between Christmas and new year, between our normal in a house life and an RV. Ahhhhh I love the gray area... Can you smell the sarcasm?

Moving on from that I have a few last Artisans for this round to feature, so here we go... enjoy!

Eco Bling Couture

"This necklace was really fun to make The pendant in the middle is what inspired me. It has a Art Deco feel and is actually a vintage metal button The rest of the necklace (if you can believe) is made up of 3 different pairs of earrings and a bracelet. This is one of my favorite piece.
I just started making jewelry out of recycled chandelier pieces. But the rest of my jewelry is made out of old or broken jewelry that i get in 10 lbs boxes. (or from friends and even customers) that will just send me Jewelry. I love it because i never ever get the same thing and i never know what i get."

Check Them out at:

Glamourpuss Creations

"Gosh, I think what inspired me to make that necklace was the sort of luscious, juicy colors of summer. Like popsicles and lemonade and penny candy. The colors of childhood and warm, carefree days. A lot of my jewelry is inspired by feelings or moments. That's what I love about working with vintage materials....they have a history that pre-dates the time that I'm creating with them."

Check them out at:

Merry Christmas!

I don't have any profound Christmas thoughts... I just wanted to say Merry Christmas or whatever you may celebrate and share my something I always make a point of watching/listening to at Christmas, and yes it's funny!

Use "Merry Christmas" in any order before Jan 1st for $5 off any order of $10 or more

In Pursuit of Myself: The Beginning

So Among the other things I'll be blogging about will be the massive adventure my husband and I are about to embark on...

We have decided damn it all! I am sick of working a desk job that I'm too smart for... I'm sick of working for an uber corporation to pay another uber corporation just to keep the lights on... I'm sick of having no time to run my business... I'm just sick of Capitalism, and mortgages, and inane jobs, and people... But I'll quit with my whining there. The point is we are doing something about it!

We are selling everything we own ( literally, in an epic Moving Sale tommorrow). We bough an 82' Fleetwood Southwind (a class A motorhome), and we are leaving on Dec 28th. The End...

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." Mark Twain

Spotlight: A Few Fantastic Jewelry Artisans!

Today's spotlight is all about inspiration. I find with people who create re-purposed/vintage jewelry that they are inspired by the little things. Things normal people pass by in a thrift store, or through into a garage sale they see the beauty in. They take it and they give it it's life and beauty back. So here's some Inspiration and beautiful pieces... enjoy!

Bionic Unicorn

"Most of my design process happens organically. I usually start out with a theme or color palette in mind, and then let the creativity flow. I'm inspired by nature, fairy tales, and the history of the pieces I work with. I try to approach each new design like a puzzle, and integrate elements that fit together with whimsy and harmony."

Check Bionic Unicorn's Jewelry out at:

Christine Kangas Jewelry Design

"A little bit about these earrings...I live in a small mountain town without jewelry supply resources. So I look at what I have on hand and go from there. I get many snippets from a seamstress friend..that are just going to be thrown away otherwise..because they are so small. I can do so much with a piece of fabric that is as small as 1/2 inch by 1 inch! I take the fabric and hand wrap it around a lightweight fabric bead... However to add interest I embroidered a design to jazz up a otherwise ordinary snippet!"

Check out Christine Kangas Jewelry design at:


"My grandmother got me started young: her admiration and collecting of all types of antique jewelry rubbed off on me. She was a treasure hunter and used to take me with her on little antiquing road trips. It just sort of rubbed off. I also have a very hard time throwing anything away. I love returning pretty pieces to the light of day and sharing them so their unique beauty value can be rediscovered. I've always been that way, probably because my parents were older, worked hard all their lives. They believed that you got what you paid for, and instead of impulsive buying for quantity, they saved in order to get great quality. I am that way too, especially with jewelry."

Check Annie's Wearable Art out at:

Spotlight: ILikeItILoveIt

So as you all know now we are going to be spotlighting jewelry artisans who fully embrace the idea of recycling/re-purposing/up-cycling or whatever you want to call it! I'm going to start off with a shop that I think has absolutely exquisite pieces! But now I'll stop blabbering and let you see what she told me about her shop and pieces:

"I love to troll the antique stores, Etsy, and Ebay and see all the wonderful and beautiful things from the past. I have always loved vintage brooches, pins, as well as bracelets and necklaces (Sad to say I am not a brooch/pin wearer). I kept thinking I could take the pin off the back and some how make it into a necklace or bracelet. The ideas are always flashing in my head when I see a piece. But like many artist I am my worst enemy and would tell myself no one would like that, or they would be mad at me for taking something such as that apart.

About two years ago I found myself leaving the public work force, staying at home to care for my now adult handicap daughter. We live in the country and no one would come out this far to help me care for her, therefore I have chosen to stay home with her. But I found myself wanting. Sad almost to be busy and creative so I thought, I don't care what others may think, whether I take something apart or make something "gaudy" I'm going to do what makes the right side of my brain happy. I spent a year and half searching and buying items that inspire me. And with that "frippery frosting" aka ilikeitiloveit was born.

Sometimes it is a piece that inspires me. Sometimes it is color that inspires me. Lime green is a popular color right now so I dug into my green, I keep similar colors together, and Gold seem to be the second color which brought this necklace to light. So with the colors chosen, I take my dress maker dummy and pin the piece to it. Moving them around till I fine the right look. I then remove the pins and smooth the areas as not to cause any future damage to clothing. I also wear the piece around to make sure it lays right and correct anything which does not work. This process can take me up to five days or more. I also create pieces with natural stones but find the vintage pieces give me the greatest joy. Taking piece no one seems to love and pairing it with its soul mates, (only jewelry should have more than one soul mate, gives me such joy. I have found there is peace when you follow the calling in your heart."

Please Check Shelly out at: www.etsy.ilikeitiloveit

We Are Ferrets, Hear Us Roar!

Welcome to the brand new blog of the Two Industrious Ferrets Supply Co. This blog is going to feature amazing jewelry artisans and other artists, let you know about news in our store, and perhaps the occasional lark about our travels ( but I'll tell you more about that later).

We are not wasteful nor complicated people. When I say we I'm talking about my husband and I who run this shop, though you'll probably never hear from him because beads are "girl stuff." He does all the behind the scenes work though ;-). We believe that there are plenty of beautiful findings, beads, knick knacks already and we don't really need to make more to create something beautiful. We make it a point to scower the world looking for lovely things to recycle/repurpose, whether this be vintage or not. I suppose this is our take on being "Green," though frankly I find that whole movement just a bunch of capitalist B.S. but I digress...

With all of this said... to kick of our new blog I'm going to do a series of blogs featuring Artisans that Fully embrace the reclaiming and reusing of gorgeous vintage and recycled components to create exquisite new things.


Jess (One of Two Industrious Ferrets)