The Ferrets Have Gone Rogue ( and you can win free stuff)

We have quite the dilemma on our hands. We had 50 ferrets, and they've busted out. They're hiding all over the shop, and we don't know what to do. So, we need your help. The 50 ferrets are scattered all over the pictures of our items. Being cute and doing the things they do. Of course, we have to reward you handsomely for your help.

The rules are simple:

1) Whomever finds the most ferrets wins $20 worth of free items (no strings attached). The next best wins $8 worth, and the one after then wins $5.

2) Just go ahead and convo us (in chunks and not one at a time, please!) or email us at with the titles of the listings you've found. We'll be keeping track of the results (you might want to keep record yourself, just to be sure.)

3) When the contest is over, we'll announce the winners. Should we get multiple people finding all 50 there will be a drawing for the top 3 slots.

4) Contest runs from May 26th- June 2nd

By the way the little guy you are looking for looks like this:
*Hint: Only their little bums or eyes may be peering out.


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