We Are Ferrets, Hear Us Roar!

Welcome to the brand new blog of the Two Industrious Ferrets Supply Co. This blog is going to feature amazing jewelry artisans and other artists, let you know about news in our store, and perhaps the occasional lark about our travels ( but I'll tell you more about that later).

We are not wasteful nor complicated people. When I say we I'm talking about my husband and I who run this shop, though you'll probably never hear from him because beads are "girl stuff." He does all the behind the scenes work though ;-). We believe that there are plenty of beautiful findings, beads, knick knacks already and we don't really need to make more to create something beautiful. We make it a point to scower the world looking for lovely things to recycle/repurpose, whether this be vintage or not. I suppose this is our take on being "Green," though frankly I find that whole movement just a bunch of capitalist B.S. but I digress...

With all of this said... to kick of our new blog I'm going to do a series of blogs featuring Artisans that Fully embrace the reclaiming and reusing of gorgeous vintage and recycled components to create exquisite new things.


Jess (One of Two Industrious Ferrets)


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