Spotlight: ILikeItILoveIt

So as you all know now we are going to be spotlighting jewelry artisans who fully embrace the idea of recycling/re-purposing/up-cycling or whatever you want to call it! I'm going to start off with a shop that I think has absolutely exquisite pieces! But now I'll stop blabbering and let you see what she told me about her shop and pieces:

"I love to troll the antique stores, Etsy, and Ebay and see all the wonderful and beautiful things from the past. I have always loved vintage brooches, pins, as well as bracelets and necklaces (Sad to say I am not a brooch/pin wearer). I kept thinking I could take the pin off the back and some how make it into a necklace or bracelet. The ideas are always flashing in my head when I see a piece. But like many artist I am my worst enemy and would tell myself no one would like that, or they would be mad at me for taking something such as that apart.

About two years ago I found myself leaving the public work force, staying at home to care for my now adult handicap daughter. We live in the country and no one would come out this far to help me care for her, therefore I have chosen to stay home with her. But I found myself wanting. Sad almost to be busy and creative so I thought, I don't care what others may think, whether I take something apart or make something "gaudy" I'm going to do what makes the right side of my brain happy. I spent a year and half searching and buying items that inspire me. And with that "frippery frosting" aka ilikeitiloveit was born.

Sometimes it is a piece that inspires me. Sometimes it is color that inspires me. Lime green is a popular color right now so I dug into my green, I keep similar colors together, and Gold seem to be the second color which brought this necklace to light. So with the colors chosen, I take my dress maker dummy and pin the piece to it. Moving them around till I fine the right look. I then remove the pins and smooth the areas as not to cause any future damage to clothing. I also wear the piece around to make sure it lays right and correct anything which does not work. This process can take me up to five days or more. I also create pieces with natural stones but find the vintage pieces give me the greatest joy. Taking piece no one seems to love and pairing it with its soul mates, (only jewelry should have more than one soul mate, gives me such joy. I have found there is peace when you follow the calling in your heart."

Please Check Shelly out at: www.etsy.ilikeitiloveit


selahestelle said...

I love that ivory piece! Just lovely! I am a brooch wearer, but am also a necklace wearer. Will have to check out your shop!

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