Spotlight: A Few Fantastic Jewelry Artisans!

Today's spotlight is all about inspiration. I find with people who create re-purposed/vintage jewelry that they are inspired by the little things. Things normal people pass by in a thrift store, or through into a garage sale they see the beauty in. They take it and they give it it's life and beauty back. So here's some Inspiration and beautiful pieces... enjoy!

Bionic Unicorn

"Most of my design process happens organically. I usually start out with a theme or color palette in mind, and then let the creativity flow. I'm inspired by nature, fairy tales, and the history of the pieces I work with. I try to approach each new design like a puzzle, and integrate elements that fit together with whimsy and harmony."

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Christine Kangas Jewelry Design

"A little bit about these earrings...I live in a small mountain town without jewelry supply resources. So I look at what I have on hand and go from there. I get many snippets from a seamstress friend..that are just going to be thrown away otherwise..because they are so small. I can do so much with a piece of fabric that is as small as 1/2 inch by 1 inch! I take the fabric and hand wrap it around a lightweight fabric bead... However to add interest I embroidered a design to jazz up a otherwise ordinary snippet!"

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"My grandmother got me started young: her admiration and collecting of all types of antique jewelry rubbed off on me. She was a treasure hunter and used to take me with her on little antiquing road trips. It just sort of rubbed off. I also have a very hard time throwing anything away. I love returning pretty pieces to the light of day and sharing them so their unique beauty value can be rediscovered. I've always been that way, probably because my parents were older, worked hard all their lives. They believed that you got what you paid for, and instead of impulsive buying for quantity, they saved in order to get great quality. I am that way too, especially with jewelry."

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