Spotlight: These Are a Few of My Favorite Things!

Hope everyone had a merry whatever you may celebrate. So We are officially in limbo between Christmas and new year, between our normal in a house life and an RV. Ahhhhh I love the gray area... Can you smell the sarcasm?

Moving on from that I have a few last Artisans for this round to feature, so here we go... enjoy!

Eco Bling Couture

"This necklace was really fun to make The pendant in the middle is what inspired me. It has a Art Deco feel and is actually a vintage metal button The rest of the necklace (if you can believe) is made up of 3 different pairs of earrings and a bracelet. This is one of my favorite piece.
I just started making jewelry out of recycled chandelier pieces. But the rest of my jewelry is made out of old or broken jewelry that i get in 10 lbs boxes. (or from friends and even customers) that will just send me Jewelry. I love it because i never ever get the same thing and i never know what i get."

Check Them out at:

Glamourpuss Creations

"Gosh, I think what inspired me to make that necklace was the sort of luscious, juicy colors of summer. Like popsicles and lemonade and penny candy. The colors of childhood and warm, carefree days. A lot of my jewelry is inspired by feelings or moments. That's what I love about working with vintage materials....they have a history that pre-dates the time that I'm creating with them."

Check them out at:


SleightGirl said...

They're both so beautiful! I think the second one is my favorite though.

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