Spotlight: A Rocker Chic Ferret!

As Some of you know I have been featuring Etsy Artisans who embody some of Two Industrious Ferrets values; such as recycled and new vintage Jewelry. As part of that I would like to present to you one of our coolest customers: HellKat Inc. She has combined some fabulous vintage pieces with stunning reclaimed material to create some exquisite rocker chick jewelry! Enjoy!

"HellKat Inc is jewelry and accessories with a rock-chic vibe. Heavy metal pieces combined with vintage and upcycled materials make this a truly unique line.

HellKat Inc was created to fill my own need for statement-making affordable jewelry. I love combining vintage with rock&roll to get perfectly tough yet feminine pieces.

One of my most popular creations is the Brushed Silver Finish Thick Chain Necklace. With its delicate gunmetal chain and fringes this necklace provides just the right amount of drama.

A perfect complement to the necklace is the Brushed Silver Finish Thick Chain Bracelet. The thick chain is flanked by fishbone-style gunmetal chain. This piece is dark, edgy, and bold.

My most sought
after limited edition piece is a one-of-a-kind cocktail ring. A big, blingy Swarovski Crystal button reclaimed and attached to an Antiqued Filigree Adjustable Ring Base by Two Industrious Ferrets. This sparkler is not for the faint of heart.

Check HellKat Inc out at:


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