Dare To Be Stupid!

"Dare to be stupid
Tell me, what did I say
Dare to be stupid
It's alright
Dare to be stupid
We can be stupid all night
Dare to be stupid
Come on, join the crowd
Dare to be stupid"

Ok, but I'm digressing before I've even begun (I'm on a Weird Al kick recently, can you tell?). What I WAS going to say is as follows...

As good Americans we've been taught to have a basic distrust of everyone and everything. We are cynical, skeptical, and worried about everything. We don't look homeless people in the eye when, we don't talk to our neighbors, we ignore the crazy lady at the grocery store. Why? I think we're afraid, of what... I'll be damned if I can tell ya.

On a whim we just decided to go down across town to a store, before we even got into it we walked past a couple of hippy kids with an adorable puppy. A few months ago I would have just kept walking, thought the puppy was cute, and been over it. This time I thought "heck with it" walked over said "hi" kneeled down and started cooing over their puppy. One thing led to another and Lacy started telling me about her life, how she's had to get ingenious and crafty to get through life, telling stories of truckers giving her sweatshirts with hundreds of dollars in the pocket and random people giving her food and clothes without her even asking, how she met her "man" and how much she loves him. Make a long story short by the end of this conversation I was starting to think legitimately "where there's a will there's a way." I've never really put any faith in that statement until recently but I'm beginning to embrace it. It was inspiring, if an 18yr old girl with nothing but a backpack can be totally fine venturing out by herself into the world and gigglingly happy about the little things I'm pretty sure I can be just fine. She said to me: "just keep being happy." I think I might just take her up on that.

Question what society tells you, just because it's what everyone else does, doesn't make it smart. They are just dumb scared humans going along with what they are told too. Be Bold, do what you believe. Give the homeless guy the $50 in you wallet (bet he needs it alot more then you), go have dinner with your neighbors (you might even like them), listen to the crazy lady at the grocery store's tin foil hat conspiracies (maybe you could learn something new). I bet you $20 you'll feel much more alive having done it.

Dare To Be Stupid!!!!!!!!


Jennette said...

New follower! Great shop you have.

AjBCreations said...

Oh I dare...I do!..following!

Aloquin said...

Wow... there are now 48 posts following the one you started on Etsy to post our blogs. 48!!! And all you've gotten was 3 comments? That is ridiculous. The whole point in those threads IS not only to post your blog and run, but to spend some time reading the other people's blogs, and to comment, follow, whatever... I find it appaling that out of 48 people promoting themselves, only 3 were able to comment on your blog? I'm going to post this over on the thread, as well... it's time we started helping each other rather than simply ourselves!

Oh, and I'm following... not just to follow, but because I like what I read. I don't follow every one, but I do try and read them all.

David said...


Amen Sista!

*going back to my thread to find your blog*


TwoIndustriousFerrets said...

How Did I come up as david? Weird... LOL

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