The Slow Descent Into Antiestablishmentarianism

I should not be surprised, and I do deserve this for assuming things but I'd like to tell you a little story...

Once upon a time there was something called the IRS, it was built off of a corrupt illegal idea that takes money they have no right too from people. People go along with this becuase it has our governments face on it and therefor it must be legitimate. We've been taught to pay our taxes and we'll get a nice little "refund" (of your own money I might add) come January-April (depending on how lazy you are).

I'm a good law abiding citizen who does my taxes every year, last year I was very excited, after I got married, to see a nice 2k check. Woohoo! In my naivety I assumed that this would be roughly the norm, we only made a few thousand more this year then last anyways (which by the way IS under what is considered the American poverty line).

Well turns out that Dear Sweet Obama put through a "making work pay" stimulus credit thingy ma doober back in March which caused our employers to stop withholding any federal tax. Great, right? You got more money on your check? Ya not great now when you do your taxes and your refund went from several thousand to (well for me) only a few meager dollars (I suppose I should be grateful , at least I don't owe). After reading more about this, apparently A LOT of people are now owing A LOT of money. Cute.

How dare I assume that I'll get my tax refund (which might I repeat again I believe is my money, I worked for...) back right? I just find the whole system very corrupt to begin with, but geez I don't want the damned IRS knocking on the door, so now I'm going to go submit my lousy taxes to the lousy government to get a lousy return which won't help me a lousy bit.

Don't count your chickens before they hatch. The End.


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