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So I'm super excited to present to you one of our coolest customers. As ya'll know I've been doing a series of features on our customers and the crafty awesome things they make. I was really excited about this one becuase it's not at all what you'd expect as the customer of a jewelry supplier. Enchanticals makes tiny whimsical miniatures and writes original stories to tell their tales. She took some tiny cup charms of ours and incorporated them into some really neat pieces.

So Here's Enchanticals and her whimsical miniatures, Enjoy!

"Enchanticals is where enchantment resides…along with fantasy, imagination, creativity, magic, mystery, and lore.

Enchantment is always afoot at Enchanticals because enchantment cannot be harnessed, has no rules, and is everywhere.

At Enchanticals you will find…All kinds of enchanted handmade one-of-a kind creations such as miniature wizard/witch/faerie hutches and other furniture, wizard and faerie miniature bottles of potions, elixirs, miniature crystal balls, enchanted magic orb wands, elemental bottles, enchanted wands, miniatures, fashion doll vanities and jewelry, and much more…

My handmade creations are made one at a time. I keep no written recipes for paint colors or directions on how I made a certain item. Plus, the majority of items on or in my creations are made with found objects. That is why they are truly unique and one-of-a-kind.They are infused and shaped by everything in life, my experiences and memories both past and present, and all which surrounds me: nature, music, art, what I love and my areas of study, books, quotes, my beliefs and inner dreams. My creations evolve as I work on them, taking shape even as I craft them.

1. Santa’s Whose Been Naughty and Whose Been Nice Enchanted Set ~ 1:12 Scale

“Oh! You better watch out,
You better not cry,

You better not pout,
I'm telling you why:…
…He's making a list,
He's checking it twice,
He's gonna find out
who's naughty or nice…”

You and I know it’s true…we all do. But, you thought it only applied to children, didn’t you? Well, surprise, what we know applies to adults as well.

Every year before Christmas Santa reviews all of our thoughts, words, and deeds for the last twelve months of the year to decide whether we have been naughty or nice. If we have been naughty, our names go on Santa’s Bad List and, if we have been good, our names go on his “Good List”.

The Good List children and adults will receive a special and wonderful gift for Christmas. But, the Bad List people, young and old alike, will get what
they by their own choice, using their free will, gave out to others… their nasty deeds, mean thoughts, and insulting and cruel words during the past 12 months.

You see, Santa too has to follow Universal Law, as we all have to do. And, Universal Law says that w
hat you give out you get back in kind. In other words, “What goes around comes around”. That is why we are warned to be mindful of our thoughts, words, and deeds… at all times.

So, you folks on Santa’s Bad List, don’t blame Santa if you get something you yourself decided to give to yourself this Christmas due to your negative, cruel, selfish, and mean thoughts, words, and deeds this past year. Santa is just doing what he is told to do through the Laws of the Universe.

The good news is, if you messed up this year, you get another chance to get something really wonderful and special for Christmas next year. You do have, after all, free will, and you can use it to change your thoughts, words, and deeds… but, not for just one day, but all year long

2. Woodland Wizard Spellwork Ingredients Set ~ 1:12 Scale

The Woodland Wizard’s little cottage… was stuffy, dusty, and the air was stale, plus it was darker than normal. The winter had been unusually long, cold, and harsh. The wizard felt confined and unable to think.

What he needed was fresh air…lots of it. But, he had so much to do. He was behind in his Spellwork, updating his Grimoire, and making his tinctures, potions, and elixirs. His crystals needed cleaning and his crystal balls needed reenergizing too…

…Cleaning was out of the question. He had neither time nor inclination for that nonsense. He was, after all, a wizard.

He looked at his Spellwork “To Do” list, chose a few of the “priority spells”, gathered up the key ingredients needed, and put them on his wooden tray from the Propria Tree along with his directional fork made from Rorvar wood. He loved this tray. It had aged beautifully to a magenta color. He grab
bed his old worn favorite cup and a bottle of his favorite Hobbit Tea...

…So, with his overloaded tray from the Propria tree in his hands, the Woodland Wizard, walking slowly and struggling to keep the tray with all its contents on it steady, headed towards his front door.

He found it rather difficult to balance the tray and get the “blasted” door opened, especially since he had opened it but a few times during the winter months and now it was a bit stuck. He struggled with the tray as all its contents teetered and wobbled as he pulled at the door until it opened.

…The door sprang open at last and sunlight rushed into his small dusty and stale little cottage. The brightness blinded him for a bit, but the sunlight and fresh air filled his lungs, rushed to his head, and up and down his arms and legs. He felt revitalized and energized.

3. Bookworm Wizard Enchanted Cabinet ~1:12 Scale

“…The wizard who owned this cabinet was one of those wizards whose powers and abilities were; well, to be blunt, mediocre. Some of his powers were stronger than the others, but, overall, he was merely average. Plus, if one had to be blatantly honest, this wizard really found Wizardry a bit dull and boring. He craved real life, adventure, romance, and other things life had to offer.

When he was young and well into his young adulthood, this wizard spent many hours reading. In fact, he spent far more hours reading books than on practicing and learning his skills as a wizard. He had no desire to be the most powerful, the cleverest or the smartest wizard. He felt lucky to be mediocre.

By having to spend all those extra hours in the library to read and study Wizardry, when all the other wizard students were outside at concerts or playing games, he developed a passion for the written word…books. But, not wizardly books. When he should have been studying “The Wizards’ Book on Wizardly Secrets” and “Most Obscure Spells”, he, instead, was reading Shakespeare, poetry, ”Idylls of the King”, and any other book completely unrelated to Wizardry…

… One day, when he was in the library, his mentor, checking up on him, caught him by surprise by just “appearing out of nowhere and the young wizard had no time to hide the book he was reading, Macbeth. He was caught. His mentor was furious to the point that he almost turned the young wizard into a toad, but controlled himself. (Self discipline is a quality all wizards must develop.) Rather, he, with clenched teeth, told his young charge he was forbidden to read any book at the school that did not pertain to Wizardry.

And, to make certain his directive was carried out, he put a spell on all the non wizardry book in the library so that when that when his young charge tried to pick one up, it would simply float out of his hands and float away. He would be unable to grasp it, hold it, and thus, be unable to read it.

… an idea entered his head. He thought to himself, “I may be a mediocre wizard, but I am still a wizard with some powers and abilities.” He knew what he would do, he knew his intend, and he felt confident he could do it. He picked up his magic wand, concentrated on his intent until beads of perspiration formed on his brow, said some words non wizards cannot comprehend, closed his eyes, and with a wave of his wand, spoke aloud his wish and spell.

Slowly and hesitantly, he opened his eyes, and to his delight, he did it. His room was filled with tons and tons of books all piled one upon another, on chairs, and all over the floor. He created books, his books, and not one was about wizardry. So, he grabbed one from a nearby pile, jumped on his bed, pulled his knees up to his chest, and began to read, “It was the best of times…”

Address: Enchanticals.etsy.com

Name: Marsha J. West

Email: wabi-sabi118@sbcglobal.net


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