California is the Windiest Place I Have Ever Been

Maybe someone from California can answer me here, but is the whole state a terrifying white knuckle experience to drive?!

So we had heard that you can stay in casino parking lots in Laughlin NV for free, we were looking for somewhere to get jobs easily and this was about 150 miles from where we were. Sounds okay right? I'm not a gambler but you'd think casino should have some cheesy jobs a monkey could do right? Well we get there and our aircard doesn't work. Cute huh? Without that I can't run our business, not okay. We did however go in the casino to blow off some steam upon arrival, played $5 won $60, left immediately.

So we started researching places with free camping, good reception and a decent size town where there might be work. We decided Needles, CA wasn't far and had all these things. Let me put it this way, free camping is so far out of town that it would be just a waste of all the money you made to drive to it and this "camping" was a desert road it may ot may not have been illegal to be on.

What now?! Well we can either go north to Vegas, No. We can go West to LA, No. We can go south to the salton sea, which does have the appeal of being a "fringe" town and good reception but there's no way we'll find a job. Or very north, the closest decent size town being Lone Pine, CA. Well after much debate, angst, and worry we decided we'd take our chances with Lone Pine. It's a tourist town right at the base of Mt Whitney, both beautiful and with tourist season coming up potential jobs.

So we set out. The stretch of I-40, 58, and 395 we terrifying! When you are in a large box-ey RV and there are hurricane force winds whipping across desert, salt flats, and hills hitting you directly in the side and you are slamming on the wheel just to stay slightly in the road, it is nerve racking! Of course every time someone passes you or someone comes at you from the other direction the wind comes through an it's nearly impossible not to veer straight through their windshield. Also Barstow, CA sucks, the end.
We arrived, intact and frazzled 6 hours later. I'll tell you what though, this is a beautiful town and a gorgeous campground sitting at the base of an amazing set of mountains. As long as one of us can find a little part time job we will definitley be here for awhile. This is awesome!
Also, I added a whole bunch new stuff while we were driving. Check it out!


CarzooCritters said...

I just moved to LA, driving here is absolutely INSANE! It is a terrifying white knuckle experience!!

Hannah said...

I have lived in LA my whole life and I try to avoid driving as much a possible. It is the worst!!

P.S.- It usually is not just came out of nowhere these last 2 days. Not a fan. It will be 80 this weekend though!!

TwoIndustriousFerrets said...

Hannah- Well we picked good timing then, huh? Geez that was the longest 6 hours of my life!

Tonya said...

I have wanted to climb in that area for years! I can't wait to stay updated on time there. Hope you are able to find part-time work.

Those mountains are stunningly gorgeous. I'm getting wanderlust bad!

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