So, Why are Ferrets the Coolest?

I am giving away 5 free advertising spots for the month on my blog, I believe in supporting our fellow artists not charging them a butt ton to show off.

But I'm going to make you work for it.

Go to by blog and follow it, then leave me a one paragraph explanation of why ferrets are the coolest animals ever created.

Bonus points awarded for creativity ;-)

I'll give it 24 hours, and the 5 best posts will be sent a message to gather their info. The spots are the 150x150px squares on the left.

Have fun!


bloomsburygroup said...

Omg that Rabbit Ferret is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!

Jean May Originals said...

Ferrets are the coolest animals ever created because they don't steal the TV remote or hog all the covers, and they like to dance wildly about the room to Billy Idol tunes.

TwoIndustriousFerrets said...

A E-mail submission:


I really like ferrets
They're way better than parrots
and I hear they like carrots
I wish I was ferret!

There ya go! a little 5 minute poem!

Just us girls said...

Ferrets are a most bendy creature. As they happily wind their way through small tubes and tunnels their smiling faces never fail to cheer one up. Their pointy teeth, while looking sharp, belie the friendly character that is the personality of a ferret. If you like to cuddle slinky's ferrets are the pet for you.

bloomsburygroup said...

Ferrets are the coolest animals ever created...... .....because they are crepuscular! With a sleep routine of between 14-18 hours a day, who wouldn't want such a darling to cuddle up with, for that length of time??????

Tonya said...

Ferrets are the coolest animal ever created and have been companions to humans for thousands of years! In fact some historical accounts lead historians to believe that ferrets were domesticated long before cats. Humans have a wonderful connection with ferrets.

But one fact that many people don't know is that the only wild ferret in America is the black footed ferret and they are one of the most endangered mammals in North America.

BlackStar said...

Ferrets are the coolest because of their weasely faces and low riding bodies. Now scrunch up your face and show your teeth. This is how a ferret views the world.
According to the dictionary, a ferret is a domesticated, usually red-eyed, and albinic variety of the polecat, used in Europe for driving rabbits and rats from their burrows. I can dig that! I love cats and I love anything that can rid my garden of rabbits.

PRPrints said...

Ferrets are the coolest animals. Aside from being affectionate and making great pets, they are very intelligent animals as well. They have been used to run wires through places humans could never get through - and even helped set up the wires used during the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. One has even been a registered electrician's assistant. They also have a lot of similarities to humans, but we won't hold that against them!

Colleen said...

There once was a girl from Wisconsin
Who really loved ferrets but got none
Her mom said no
They have to go
But now I grew up and can get one!

Okay, maybe that was pushing it a bit on the rhyming, but I tried:) Ferrets rock!

Variya said...
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Variya said...

damn.. i was going to write a poem, but 2 people already beat me to it.. okay how about a haiku?

Ferret in the Spring:

Black masked little eyes
peeking from his hiding spot
Objects sparkling bright

wow - i haven't done that since high school - can you tell?! =) SO ferrets are the coolest because they work great in Haiku, are super cute, AND look really hot in bunny ears.

marion said...
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marion said...

Ferrets are the coolest animals ever because of their amazing abilities to get in and out of harrowing circumstances in a timely fashion, go on epic quests for treasure and of course the fact that they are members of the world renown "Fellowship of the Fuzzies" gives them lots of street cred. Lol

seababejewelry said...

Ferrets are the coolest animals because they look like otters, which are also really cool! They swim in the oceans and in rivers and eat clams. Ferrets also look like mongooses (mongeese?), which are not as cool, but they kill snakes, even king cobras, which is very cool, so this makes them cool too. They also look like minks, not minx, which are also very cool because they have soft fur, and they are worth a lot! That is why ferrets are the coolest animals.

SSheilah said...

I can't believe nobody's said... ferrets are the coolest because they're so industrious! How obvious is that?!! I also think ferrets are the coolest because in a group (of two, maybe?) they're a business. And lastly, they're the coolest because they're just so damn cute.

deba822 said...

Ferrets make the best pets because they are so much fun and smart to boot.

We used to do ferret rescue before we moved to Florida.
At one time we had 8 of the little guys running around the house.
Ferrets can be potty trainer and taught their names. I used to love the way they hump run across the room when you come home to greet you!
Ferrets love shiny things, as you have said but they also love things made of rubber and things that make noise.

We once moved a dresser and found a huge pile of "treasures" that they had hoarded. Things like dog biscuits, key chains, stuffed animals, and oddly enough about ten brand new (still wrapped) maxi pads!

My favorite ferret's name was Peanut Butter. He loved coffee and would put his whole head in your cup and drink till it was gone. He lived for two years longer than most ferrets and hubby says it's because he drank so much coffee! :)

BlackStar said...

Thanks SO much for the ad spot! I wonder how many people made the weasely faces when they read my post.
Have a great week~

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