Grumble. Grumble. Grumble.

I really love how you can bend over backwards and more for some people, and then at the drop of the hat; they can throw all of that out the window, betray their own religious beliefs, and become a raging asshole towards you over literally nothing.

This person doesn't even have a computer, so it's not calling out. It's just... dammit.

Except, they took major offense to the fact we ARE full time Etsians. Apparently, selling beads for a living makes me a dumbass and a bad Christian who's throwing our lives down the toilet.

It's not like we never paid you our rent perfectly on time. It's not like I never helped you do things every day you were physically incapable of doing. It's not like we didn't run plenty of errands. It's not like we didn't provide you plenty of company. HELL, it's not like I didn't help you cover your ass when the city was on you.

And for doing all of this, you harass me and my wife. You insult our life. You were literal jerk to my wife. You tell me not to respect her opinion. You might has well have told me to beat her ass for even daring to think something other than what I feel.

Thanks, buddy.


Now that I'm done whining publicly, I'd just like to say...

It's still never going to keep me from being nice and helping people.

I still think that being a bead peddling nomad is more joyous than the lives we left behind.

Also, avoid that RV park like the plague. If only for the fact it's on a Superfund site. Wish I would have known THAT sooner.


blueditty said...

Doesn't that just figure? Even on wheels you get the asshat landlord. One unimportant little person can't have an effect on your worldview. It's just not allowed.

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